Eclipse 4 and RAP - Continue the port

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Last week Ralf Sternberg, Markus Knauer and I spend a second day in porting RAP to Eclipse4. Our start was a bit slow as we redid the changes we did the last time because we wanted to fork the org.eclipse.platform.ui instead of copying it as we did the last time.

But we had a few hour to implement new stuff. I make toolbars and menus work and added a first version of multi-user support. We also used a patch from Tom Schindl for the EventAdmin service to limit events to the client session.

Overall we are very convinced that a port of RAP to Eclipse4 is possible. After approx. 1.5 days we have all the important bits in place and polishing the remainder seem definitely possible.

To test is you can clone the following repos: -> Contains small modifications to the platform to support RAP -> Example application

If you add EclipseCon Europe you should join Ralfs and my talk about the topic.