Eclipse 4 RCP training available

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A few weeks ago I heard from Mike Milinkovich at the Eclipse Day At Googleplex 2011 that Eclipse 4.2 will be the basis for the Juno release and Eclipse 3.8 will be the last Eclipse 3.x release.

I already gave two full Eclipse 4 trainings and I’m very enthusiastic about the new capabilities, the consistent API and the flexibility of the programming model. It also appears to me that it is much easier to learn for the attendees of the training, due to the consistent API.

The Eclipse 4.2 M5 release is already very stable (which was the basis for my trainings) and lots of new stuff will be available in the Eclipse 4.2 M6 release.

Based on these facts, I decided that it is time to upgrade my Eclipse RCP training to the programming model of Eclipse 4.2.

An updated (English) agenda can be found here:

Eclipse 4 RCP training

This is not only a delta training but a complete introduction into the Eclipse 4 RCP platform also covering SWT, JFace, OSGi modularity, OSGi services and more. I also cover the compatibility layer which allows you to migrate your Eclipse 3.x application to Eclipse 4.2. In this training a complete application will be developed from ground up.

The training material is in English, if you are looking to get an Eclipse 4 RCP training outside Germany feel free to contact me.