Eclipse and the Ubuntu team working together - Solving the Eclipse menu issue under Ubuntu

1 minute read

I’m very happy to report that the Eclipse platform team worked together with the Canonical Ubuntu team to solve the broken menu issue of Eclipse under Ubuntu. This fix is available for Ubuntu 14.04.

It just to be the case that the menu of the Eclipse IDE did not work out of the box under Ubuntu and you had to use several tricks to make Eclipse work. This was relatively hard to discover for new users of Eclipse under Ubuntu and increased the barrier in using Eclipse.

We (Eclipse platform team) reached out to the Ubuntu team and William Hua from Canonical did solve this issue. I would like to thank William and the whole team from Ubuntu for that effort, they could also have pushed the issue back to the Eclipse side. But they went through the extra effort to solve it on their Ubuntu side. Kudos to them!

Thanks to William for doing most of the work, and also a big thanks to all involved parties, including Jono Bacon, Jason Warner from Canonical and Aleksandar Kurtakov, Paul Webster, Ian Skerrett and Mike Milinkovich from the Eclipse side. Especially thanks to Aleksandar Kurtakov from Red Hat for answering GTK3 SWT questions.

See Ubuntu Launchpad bug report for details.