Less screen space waste in Eclipse 4.4

less than 1 minute read

I’m really happy to report that we managed to solve Reduce whitespace usage in the default Eclipse themes . Such bugs are difficult to get agreement upon, as they are “opinion” bugs.

I think the result is really good. If you fire up the next Eclipse 4.4 milestone build, Eclipse uses much less whitespace and leaves more space for the important content.

Java - test-src-test-Main.java - vogella Development Tools _010

Compare this to the old theme configuration.

Java - test-src-test-Main.java - vogella Development Tools _009

While this is on a technical level a trivial change, I hope that this will improve the initial perception people have in using Eclipse.

A big thanks to Daniel Rolka, Robin Stocker and Dani Megert for doing the majority of the work and a big thanks all involved parties in the Bug report to get this change accepted.