The end of Eclipse 3.x

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Currently we have in my option the unfortunate situation that Eclipse did fork itself into a 3.x and 4.x stream.

Fortunately this is going to change.

I think it is worth to put emphasis on the statement of Mike Milinkovich.

Quote: As of the Juno release, Eclipse 4 is going to be the base platform for the Eclipse ecosystem. [SNIP] Eclipse 3.8 will also ship as part of the Juno release, but currently there are no 3.x releases planned after that..

I think its great the the platform gets ride of the two code lines.

For users this means that they should give the Eclipse 4.2 milestones a try. For Eclipse projects this means that they should test their plug-ins based on Eclipse 4.2.

For this mean that I should update my Eclipse RCP tutorials.

Both should report bugs in case they find issues.

Happy bug hunting!