vogella.de has a new logo

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I was trying to find a good logo for vogella.de for some time now. I started with some abstract figures but I think this is currently a bit overused as I see this a lot in current webpages.

I wanted to have something which represents the quest for knowledge and high moral values. Also fighting evil things would be a fitting scheme.

I believe a journey is something which represents this very well. Also I thought a wanderer would be a good representation. Also we know the quote that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Great programmers are still called wizards. Like in good old Unix times.

And here we go:

I obviously did not create the artwork myself but the first time in my life I hired a designer. I did though made the first outline and asked him to change his drafts a few times. So I feel like I had a big influence in greating my own logo.

I really like it, I feel it represents me and my webpage well.

Let me know your opinion.

[Update] New Logo