Want to try out NatTable 1.0.0? by Dirk Fauth

1 minute read

First of all: No NatTable 1.0.0 is not yet released!

But EclipseCon starts today. Unfortunately there is no NatTable talk at EclipseCon, but we also want to participate in some kind of way. So we thought of celebrating this with announcing that you are finally able to install NatTable 1.0.0 Snapshots via p2 Update site!

The last months there was a lot of work going on about the third-party-dependencies and the build process of NatTable. With the release of GlazedLists 1.9 and a lot of work around Apache POI, the Eclipse Orbit Project now contains both of them. This means GlazedLists and Apache POI can be added to Eclipse projects via p2 Update Site. They are added to the latest stable Orbit build and can be installed to your Eclipse installation or added to your target platform by using the following Update Site URL:


With this we were able to modify the NatTable build process and get rid of the local JAR dependencies. NatTable core and the extensions can now be build in Hudson, and therefore we are now also able to provide a fully working p2 Update Site for NatTable. As we are not finished with the final release of NatTable 1.0.0, there are currently only the SNAPSHOT builds available. From our point of view these are still great news!

If you want to try out the new NatTable 1.0.0 you can give the latest SNAPSHOT build a try. For this have a look at http://download.eclipse.org/nattable/snapshots/ and get the URL or the zipped p2 repository of the latest SNAPSHOT.

It is not perfect yet, but you are able to install and use NatTable without downloading and adding JARs to your installations dropins folder. This also gives the opportunity to have a look at the new installation and the new version prior final release. So don’t hesitate to give us feedback soon.

Now have fun with the NatTable 1.0.0 SNAPSHOTS and attending interesting talks and people at EclipseCon. If you want to meet with guys from the NatTable team, lookout for Edwin Park our project lead.