Honored to become Platform UI co-lead

1 minute read

It is a great honor to help in the role of the Platform UI co-Lead together with Paul Webster. Paul was in the past a great mentor for me and I’m very happy to continue to work with him.

We at the vogella GmbH follow three goals, two of them apply in my option also for our platform work:

  • Improvement over initial perfection
  • Automation over manual work

As a platform.ui committer I’m contributing since a while a lot to the Platform UI project and I’m happy to extend this activity. Here are some of the work items which I think are important for the Eclipse Platform UI project:

  • Simplify the contribution process to the Eclipse platform
  • Clean up the platform code for ease maintenance in the future
  • Enable the existing tests during our Tycho build to ensure quality of the code
  • Ensure that the Eclipse IDE remains the best IDE out there
  • Make it easier to use the Eclipse 4 API for IDE plug-in development
  • Improve our CSS story
  • Improve the stability and the performance of the platform

The overall target is to extend the number of contributors and committers in the Eclipse platform project.

Thanks a lot to the former co-lead Daniel Rolka for his great work. I’m looking forward to help the platform UI project.