Joining the Eclipse Project Management Committee

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I’m honored to join the Eclipse Project Management Committee (PMC) for the Eclipse Top-Level Project. See Eclipse project charter for their responsibilities.

As Eclipse committer and project lead for platform UI and e4 my main goals are:

  • Attract and win new contributors and committers
  • Improve stability and performance of the Eclipse IDE
  • Enhance the Eclipse RCP programming model

To help achieving this my main work items are:

  • Cleanup the Eclipse code base Update the Eclipse code to new framework versions and Java versions
  • Simplify and automate the committer workflow
  • Review Gerrits as much as possible
  • Coach potential new committers
  • Simplify and enhance the UI exercise and the platform API usage

I always felt that the existing PMC members did support this work.  Joining them is a great honor and I can hopefully help to enhance the Eclipse IDE further.